Having sight correction with lenses or contacts requires some other things to keep you seeing as best you can. Frame cleaning fluid, lens cleaning kits and cloths are essential as using the wrong thing can easily scratch or damage the plastics used. Even glass lenses have coatings you need to protect. Remember to ask our staff when you need these and they will advise.

Contact lenses of different types need different fluids and checks; we are happy to help – just ask.

Cases come in a massive variety of shapes colours and sizes, many we store in drawers so always tell us what you are looking for. Cords and clips to help keep your spectacles safe plus we hold spares to repair frames. Never give up always bring in your broken, twisted, stood on, crushed, driven over spectacles – we have a highly skilled team able to salvage what they can and save you money if they can.

Sunshine is wonderful when you have suitable eye protection and we stock a good selection of sunglasses and goggles for those Skiing trips, Sailing ventures and beach holidays. These are approved and certified to protect your eyes from harmful rays, not cheap versions that look the part but leave your eyes unprotected and being damaged.

Dyslexia, ADHD and other conditions affecting coordination, concentration and fidgeting can be helped with suitable eye wear. Sometimes it is colours sometimes prescription adjustment. Tests have shown your Optician can offer real help managing conditions and achieving  measurable improvements. Always ask your optician if you suspect you or your child might benefit. NB this is a chargeable service not covered by your NHS test allowance. It is usually offered on referral by your Doctor.